Expert Repiping Services in Highlands County, FL

When you notice your pipes start to leak or a change in water pressure, it may be time to consider repiping. When this happens, it’s time to call the repiping plumbers at Cox Plumbing. For over 70 years, we have provided the plumbing services that people in Sebring and surrounding areas have come to trust.

As the quality of your pipes deteriorates over time, they’ll be less efficient, resulting in higher water bills. The most cost-effective way to fix this problem is to replace the current pipes rather than trying to repair them. Our team has the experience you need when it comes to repiping your home to improve efficiency and save you money.

Affordable Pipe Replacement Services

If you have an older home, chances are it was built using galvanized plumbing. Through the years, galvanized plumbing can corrode and become rusty. This not only leads to rusty water, but also low water pressure, and leaks which can damage your home. Let our team update your pipes to provide the clean water that comes with new pipes.

At Cox Plumbing, we use PEX-a piping by Uponor for our repiping projects. We have used these pipes since 1996 as a certified Uponor installer. PEX-a pipes are flexible, and won’t pit, scale, or corrode as they age. Since PEX-a pipes are so flexible, they are easier to install which results in less invasive installation and less downtime for our customers. Our team can get your new pipes installed more efficiently so that you can have your water service restored quickly.

Trust Cox Plumbing when you need piping services in Sebring and surrounding areas. Our team of qualified and insured plumbing contractors will give you a free estimate on replacing the pipes in your home. We stand by our work and offer a one-year labor warranty. Call us today to schedule an appointment!